Frequently Asked Questions

I have owned Hammocks before which have all rotted because I left them outside. How can Hammocks Online offer a 5 year outdoor warranty on their Hammocks?
Our All-Weather Hammocks are made with authentic-nylon fibre that has been UV stabilised, similar to nylon ropes used extensively in the marine industry. Nylon is the fibre of choice because it withstands harsh sunlight, salt and water extremely well.

If the Hammock fibre is weather proof, is there anything which can damage my Hammock?
Yes, a couple of things. Wind can blow the Hammock netting which can catch on something nearby – a bush, a tree branch, a garden ornament which can pull the netting out of shape. It is advisable to take the Hammock inside if wind is expected. Children and pets love Hammocks, usually as a swing or playing device, but this should never be allowed. If left unsupervised, children will pull the Hammock out of shape, but there is a more serious consequence for unsupervised children. See Child Care. Finally when exiting from the Hammock Chair be careful with buttons, buckles and Velcro which can catch on the netting and pull the Hammock out of shape. The optional Comfort Cushion will protect the netting and help to maintain your Reclining Hammocks good looks.

If the Hammock netting is pulled out of shape, can I repair my Hammock?
Yes, but it is a lengthy tedious process that is best to avoid in the first place, by taking notice of the above advice. What comes out, must go back so it’s a matter of time and patience to ease the netting back into shape.

Can I leave the Comfort Cushion outside, what if it starts raining?
The Comfort Cushion is covered with Sunbrella® brand fabric which is manufactured in the States and used extensively throughout the superyacht industry as the fabric of choice for most interior and exterior coverings – sail covers, awnings, Bimini covers, cushions etc. When it rains, water will bead and run off the Sunbrella® brand fabric. During a torrential down pour some moisture will penetrate through the breathable fabric causing misting to occur inside the cushion, but immediately the sun comes out this moisture will evaporate. The interior of the Cushion is a high loft bonded polyester filling which does not absorb water.

If the Comfort Cushion gets soiled, how do I clean the fabric?
Sunbrella® fabric has been treated during the manufacturing process to resist dirt and stains. In most cases, Sunbrella® brand fabric can be spot cleaned by sponging with mild soap and warm water. Do Not Dry Clean.

For further cleaning advise visit Sunbrella® cleaning guides –

How much weight will the Reclining Hammock Chair support?
A safe loading of 150 kilo.

Can I fall out of the Reclining Hammock Chair?
Absolutely no. The Hammock is safe even for older folk who can place their feet under their own body weight when needing to stand up.

I’m thinking of purchasing a Reclining Hammock Chair as a gift for _____ who is a big person. Will the Hammock fit them?
Yes. Large people have difficulty finding comfortable furniture because Western Furniture demands that our bodies conform to the furniture. This furniture conforms to our body regardless of how big, wide, short or tall we are. The Hammock netting will extend to fit everybody up to 2 metres tall.

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