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Hammocks Online puts Social Justice and Environmental Sustainability at the very top of our Business Priority. Our hammocks are hand-woven to our fibre and colour specification by the indigenous peoples of Central America called the Maya Indians, who have been weaving netting hammocks for hundreds and possible tens of thousands of years since the time of their ancestors.

We are often asked, ‘Why don’t you get your hammocks made in China?” and our answer is always, ‘Because the Maya own the copyright!’ – this is an example of our integrity!

Our appreciation for the Mayas was birthed during our travels throughout the Americas, and today we feel proud to support these peace loving artisans in their cottage industry environment. Mayan-Silk Hammocks combine delicious bodily comfort with amazing therapeutic benefits – see Health Benefits. We have also designed and developed a number of quality accessories to enhance the luxury of these beautiful hammocks.

The Maya entered the mass-consciousness of western culture in 2012 because of the Mayan Calendar which is based on ancient astrological calculations, and predicted a Shift in awareness away from warfare being used as the method for solving conflict, to more peaceful solutions. This Shift is today accelerating towards a future where our collective awareness of a unified field of consciousness will soon consider warfare to be uncivilised, and immoral, as a method for resolution.


Mayan artisan using time-honoured Sprang Weaving technique to create our
high quality Outdoor Hammocks with modern All-Weather authentic Nylon fibre.


Mayan Village Life – Courtesy Tom Hall National Geographic

Scientific studies have shown that relaxing in a hammock with it’s gentle movement reminiscent of a mother’s arms is therapeutic and beneficial to our health, so we are consciously able to release tension and stress without the need for ‘drugs’ and their toxic side-effects. Through this conscious relaxation, our Mayan-Silk Hammocks become a vehicle to allow the body’s energy fields to become connected and balanced naturally, for the purpose of self-healing with the practice of mindfulness, which offers access to ancient shamanic knowledge. This is another example of the wisdom that has been known to our ancestors for millennium.

When you purchase a Mayan-Silk Hammock from Hammocks Online, you can relax in the knowing that you have purchased a shamanic healing product for your body, and at the same time supporting a peace loving community – Happy Hammocking!

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