Outdoor Single Hammock


5-year All-Weather Outdoor Guarantee

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The Outdoor Single Hammock has been designed for outdoor living in any Australian climate and also includes a 5-year Outdoor Guarantee. It is fully weather resistant against mildew and rot. Our hammocks are known as silk hammocks which are woven with the strongest and most UV Resistant yarn available.

The ‘Mayan’ Single Hammock is ideal for those occasions when you prefer solitude. This classic Hammock has stood the test of time. It has been enjoyed and appreciated over many centuries while providing superb comfort with peace of mind.

The Maya Indians of Central America custom make our Hammocks. Adult artisans in a cottage industry environment hand-create our hammocks to our fibre and colour specification while using a traditional weaving technique.

Load limit – 180kg. Minimum hanging distance – 4 metres (13ft). Weight – 2kg.

Wellbeing Benefits

  • Safe and stable design, offering personal security with no ‘roll out’ so as a result the Single Hammock is safe to get into and safe to get out of without embarrassment.
  • Constructed of an immensely strong soft-spun authentic nylon fibre.
  • The Single Hammock has a small open diamond weave construction which provides maximum cooling ventilation for superb personal comfort during those hot-humid summer days.
  • Hundreds of ‘free moving’ cords conform and contour to support the whole body and as a result give a feeling of exceptional comfort and personal wellbeing.


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Hanging your Mayan Single Hammock

Hang your Mayan Hammock loose between the two hanging points – as shown below.


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