Outdoor Hammock Chair


Hammock Chair including Spreader Bar – $225
Hammock Chair without Spreader Bar – $175

5-year All-Weather Outdoor Guarantee

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The All-Weather Reclining Hammock Chair has been designed for Outdoor Living in any Australian climate. Therefore it is fully weather-resistant against mildew and rot. Our hammocks are also known as silk hammocks – woven with the strongest and most UV Resistant yarn available.


Our Hammocks are ‘custom made’ by the Maya Indians of Central America. Adult artisans in a cottage industry environment hand-create our hammocks to our fibre and colour specification using a traditional weaving technique.

Load Limit: 180k

Hammock Chair includes

  • Mayan Silk All-Weather Reclining Hammock.
  • High-tensile alloy Spreader-Bar for strength and lightness – the extra-wide ‘compact’ bar assembles to a width of 1200mm, hence increased elbow-room comfort.
  • Marine grade ‘316’ (rust-free) Stainless swivel snap-hook for convenient single point suspension.
  • Sufficient Polyester (8mm) rope to suspend from a height of 2.4 metres.
Caitlyn Cook – Shamanic Healing Coach www.caitlyncook.com

Therapeutic Benefits

The Hammock is also safe to sit in and safe to exit without embarrassment.

The netting expands to fit everybody so provides perfect back and lumber support with no pressure points.

The Hammock offers therapeutic relief from accumulated body stress, as well as muscular tension and back pain discomfort.

The Hammock netting conforms and supports the spines’ natural curvature together with the back’s muscular system to promote a feeling of relaxed personal wellbeing.

When setting up your Hammock Chair without the Spreader Bar, the maximum distance between the hammock ‘loops’ must be no greater than 1500mm apart – the minimum distance apart is 1200mm. Two 2.5m suspension ropes are also included.

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