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The All-Weather Hammock Chair Cushion includes an adjustable pillow covered with super yacht quality soft Sunbrella® fabric. It is designed for outdoor living and also includes a 5-year Guarantee.

Sunbrella® fabric resists mildew, rot, chlorine and stains while the poolside colours are Guaranteed Fade Proof. Therefore it will remain bright and vibrant after many years of exposure to sun, salt and rain.

Because this Comfort Cushion has a high-loft bonded polyester fill it will not absorb water. As a result it will not mildew or rot. Because most rainwater will ‘bead’ and run off, the fill and fabric will ‘quick dry’. This Cushion has also been designed and developed exclusively for Australian climatic conditions.

Wellbeing Benefits of the Hammock Chair Cushion

  • Increases the luxury of the Reclining Hammock Chair therefore providing the perfect relaxation system.
  • Due to the Adjustable Pillow your head is supported for reading, drinking or viewing.
  • Protects the hammock netting from catching on clothing fasteners when exiting and also maintains the Hammocks’ good looks.

Suitable for the Outdoor Hammock Chair

Mayan-Silk Hammock Chair

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to provide fabric images that closely match the true fabric colours. However, due to all the possible variants of light source, monitor quality, etc. we cannot guarantee that the fabric images accurately match the true fabric colours. Please consider this when trying to colour match materials.

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