Double Resort Hammock


Guaranteed Weather-Proof

Supplied with Durable Marine-Grade Components and Attachment-Ropes

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The 1.4m wide Double Resort Hammock is hand-woven with the same strong 3-ply x 7mm polyester (not polypropylene) cord as the Single Resort Hammock. Shorea hardwood (certified plantation timber) Spreader-Bars are used to support the hammock netting. The woven hammock bed is dynamic and not knotted, so the cords will move and adjust to support the user.


Colour: White Polyester

Hanging distance required – 4m (13ft) Load Limit – 225kg

The Resort Hammock is supplied with ‘316’ grade (rust-free) Stainless O-rings and link chains, and includes 2 x 1400 kg polyester ropes for secure set up.

Polyester is an extremely strong and durable polymer fibre. Therefore it is used extensively in the marine industry, where polyester cordage is constantly exposed to UV radiation, high loadings and friction as yacht halyards attached to sails. These forces are far greater than the normal wear from folk on vacation. 

Polyester rope will not mildew or rot in humid climates, so offers durability not possible with polypropylene, or natural fibres like cotton. Polyester’s distinctive white colour has a fresh/cool summer appeal. 

The Double Resort Hammock is suitable for both private and commercial resort use in any sea/salt/sand environment. It is also large enough for two romancing adults.  The blissful feeling of ‘floating on air’ will bring back memories of days relaxing in the sun, so why not recreate those magic moments again with someone special. 

Caution: The timber Spreader-Bars will not take any body weight. They are designed to allow the bed-cords to move and also conform to body shape as the loading increases.


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Wellbeing Benefits of the Double Resort Hammock

The Double Resort Hammock has an open diamond weave and as a result provides maximum cooling ventilation during those hot, humid summer days and nights.


Hammock Dimensions:
Bed – 2.1m x 1.4m
Overall – 3.95m


CAUTION: Child Care – Play it Safe


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